Success Through Accountability

How To Stick To Your Workout Plan

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When starting a new workout plan, things usually begin great and in high spirits, but then fall off and become tedious over time.

You start skipping days and dreading the next workout.

Soon you might find yourself abandoning your plan and opting instead for your previous routine: not exercising.

But, you know that if you can stick to your plan, all the hard work and effort will go directly into achieving your goals.

You will start feeling more alive, energetic, healthy, happy, and plain old good.

Even with such amazing, life-changing benefits, exercising can still feel like pulling teeth.

Today is your day to stop pulling teeth.

Why We Abandon Ship

Unfortunately, there are many factors that hold you back from your goals.

Fortunately, each factor affects you to a different extent and taking care of the most influential factors is all it takes to massively increase your likelihood of success.

Keep in mind that we are not aiming for perfection, wasting time and effort trying to address every barrier.

Instead, we will knock down some of the biggest barriers using one simple tool, so you can achieve your goals and feel great.

So, let’s dig in!

Major Barriers To Exercise

Time, money, effort, lack of enjoyment.

Here are some common examples of why these majors barriers stink for the average person while using a typical workout plan:

Driving yourself to a gym to workout alone can feel tremendously time-consuming and boring; a complete waste of your time.

Buying a gym membership to get access to a facility and equipment for only torturous purposes of grueling exercising can also seem like a total waste of money. Considering there are many people who pay for a gym membership that they don’t end up actively using, this can be very pronounced.

The typically recommended process for creating your own workout plan involves:

  1. Identifying your health goals
  2. Researching methods to achieve them
  3. Analyzing what might work for you and your lifestyle
  4. Formulating a plan that maximizes your results in little time
  5. Then, finally executing this plan week after week…
  6. …Until you have to repeat this entire process again because you can’t stand your current workout plan anymore

This process requires enormous time and energy and still doesn’t guarantee any results.

Lastly, let’s face it, the majority of people dislike exercising.

Whether it’s because they’ve used the same routine for years and gotten bored with it, that they’ve disliked all forms of exercise they’ve ever tried, or any other reason; they just don’t enjoy it.

Each one of these 4 barriers (not to mention the countless others) deserves their own articles to fully acknowledge and address ways to solve them, but that is for another day.

Today I want to show you 1 powerful tool that you can use to dramatically increase your success at overcoming these barriers…


*As a side note, many barriers can be solved by hiring a certified personal trainer.
**An ideal trainer can: minimize time while maximizing your results, fit your budget (due to the large range of quality, expertise, and special offers), take away the majority of your effort required since their job is to handle everything involved in making your goals a reality, and even make exercise fun using all sorts of equipment, workout protocols, etc.

How To Achieve Your Goals And Enjoy The Process

Now that you understand the major barriers that stand in your way of sticking to a workout plan and achieving your goals, it’s time to see how you can use accountability to knock them down.

It’s simpler than you might think, but hang on as we go in-depth with how to effectively use it and ensure your success.

The Essence Of Accountability

Accountability is typically known as taking responsibility for a certain act; being accountable means owning up to everything you do, good and bad.

This kind of ownership leads to a person to try their best to only do good, at the risk of doing something bad, then having everyone they care about finding out and having to carry that shame around forever.

If something bad is done in silence, there is no pressure to fix it.

Accountability Applied To Your Health

Accountability incorporated into exercise means building the same form of ownership, both good and bad, into your workout plan.

If you stick to your plan for a solid week, the world should know of your success.

If you fall off after 2 workouts, the world should be a motivator for you to try harder.

Even better, when you accomplish your goals and feel the happiest and most proud you’ve ever felt in your life, the world should be there to celebrate with you.

And if you don’t accomplish your goals, the world should pick you back up and help you push to your goals, every step of the way.

Humans are social creatures, we all hear this.

But, why do we insist on going through such difficult journeys, like health, alone?

Social support brings the world to your side, through thick and thin, and guarantees your success.

It’s time for you to use it.

How To Harness The Power Of Accountability And Social Support

The key is to share your journey with others, allowing your trials and tribulations to be an open-book, and to entrust others when you need it most.

Creativity is a must here, because there are many ways to do this.

Some people use social media: sharing their updates, photos, hardships, and triumphs on various platforms.

But another, just as powerful if not more powerful method, is to use a friend, family member, loved one, or anyone who you trust with your success.

Known by many names (accountability buddy, gym buddy, workout partner, partner in crime, etc.), this person will help guide and push you to your goals.

As one example, it could be someone who exercises regularly:

  • Choose set days and times to join your buddy during his/her workouts and have an incentive to not flake out (disappointment, pay your buddy for each workout you miss, force you to do something you dislike doing)
  • Make the most of your gym membership fee and workout with your buddy and progress to your goals
  • Minimize your own effort and allow your buddy to teach you all he/she knows about exercise and take you through his/her workouts instead of making your own (just follow your buddy’s steps, no research, planning, etc. involved on your part)
  • Enjoy being with good company and having a blast exercising with your buddy
    • +1 enjoyment if your buddy follows a workout plan that you enjoy

It can also be someone who has the same goals as you and wants you to be their buddy, in this case you serve as a buddy to them just as they are to you.

It can even be someone who has already accomplished similar goals, a loved one who you can trust to help you stay motivated and positive, or even a certified personal trainer who can take care of the entire process for you and ensure your success.

At the end of the day, this buddy should share in your journey and hold you accountable for completing workouts, missing workouts, accomplishing goals, falling short of your goals, and everything else that happens during your journey, good and bad.

Your buddy should motivate you to challenge yourself, push your hardest to accomplish your goals, and celebrate your successes.

There are hundreds more options for who this buddy can be, so use your creativity and find someone (or multiple people) who will work for your needs.

Choose your buddy wisely and they can help you accomplish all your wildest dreams.

Now It’s Your Turn To Take Action

Now that you understand the major barriers throwing you off of a workout plan, the philosophy behind accountability, how powerful this tool can really be for you, and how you can use it to guarantee success…

You must implement what you have just learned to change your life forever.

Today can be the day that you find your secret weapon to finally accomplish your goals with.

Depending on what you choose to do after reading this article, you can either finally achieve the health that has escaped you all your life or continue down the path you are currently headed.

Send this article to a potential accountability buddy or pick up the phone to call/text your future buddy…

Whatever you do, make the most of this article, and do it now.

P.S. If you have any questions, concerns, or need a little push, feel free to comment below or contact us privately with a quick email. If anything is holding you back, you owe it to yourself to make us your buddy.

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