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If you’re over-worked, over-stressed, and “under-healthed”, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Ambastha ATHLETICS!

My name is Ankur (a.k.a. “Encore”) Ambastha and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Computer Engineer who makes health simple and convenient for people who lead ultra-busy lives (which includes myself).

Ankur Ambastha Small Headshot circle <—That’s me!

I make health & fitness more attainable for busy people by helping them build easy, but powerful, habits that fit their unique lifestyles.

I don’t believe in a one-size fits all solution either, which is why I’m constantly creating new and improved ways for you to get the results you want, in a way that actually works for you and your lifestyle, long-term.

I have almost 15 years of health & fitness knowledge under my belt and about 5 years working professionally with people (so I have a lot to share!) and to get you started, I have a list of articles I’ve written for you below!

But, before that, if you want to really boost your progress…

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Liz is invincible, and needs our help!

Liz in the snow!

Dang, look how cool she looks, not even fazed by the cold! That’s a champ right there, you go Liz!

“If there’s one thing to be proud of, it’s the realization that any challenge is a mental battle. Once you tell yourself you can do it… you can actually do it.” – Liz

UPDATE: Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I had writing it for you! Time’s running out though and Liz already completed part of her challenge Saturday, May 18th and still needs your help to finish the other part just as strong!!! :O

This post will be here for you to read whenever you can, including updates below about her experience with the first part of her challenge, and right now it’s crunch time!

So click here to jump to the part where you get to help support her, hear about how the first part of her challenge went, and grab your free gift to show my appreciation 🙂

Hey, I have to ask, what would your life look like if you jumped at the chance to do the big, scary things that challenge you to rise, instead of shrinking away in fear like our mind’s want us to?

The challenges that give you knots in your stomach even thinking about. The challenges that you know will move your life forward more than anything else.

These are the necessary, mindset-building, life-conquering feats that forever change what you think you are capable of, that takes you to the next level, and teaches you how to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

So, what are those for you? What are the challenges you would do, if you knew you were invincible and unfailing?

Think about it and hold those goals in your mind as we go through Liz’s journey together of becoming mentally & physically invincible!

Because where she started out, is where we all start. And, where she is today, is inspiring beyond belief.

You can do it too, we’ll talk about exactly how you can build the mental superpower of doing what you want to do, even when it feels uncomfortable or you just don’t feel like doing it in that moment.

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How To Crush Your Goals In 2018

Note: this was originally an Inner Circle email, but I reposted it here (with an added intro) so you don’t miss out on making 2018 your most successful year yet!

Think about this for a second…how many times have you set goals in the past, or set New Year’s Resolutions, and failed to actually achieve them?

It sucks doesn’t it? And you’ve already heard all the statistics before, including that less than 1 in 10 people feel that they were successful in achieving their resolutions (Statistic Brain).

But, that doesn’t have to include you this year.

You don’t have to waste another 365 days, putting on more weight & feeling even worse by the end of 2018.

If you start the year off right, you can be blown away by the progress you make this year.

And to help get you started on the right foot, take my quick 5 minute challenge to make sure your goals are powerful enough and that you’re ready to make 2018 the year that you finally take control on your health.

Ready? Awesome, let’s do this…

Happy New Year!

This’ll be a very quick email to get you ready to crush your goals in 2018!

But first, HELLO!

Isn’t that deer adorable! That’s me saying hi, haha!

I hope you had a fantastic 2017 and are ready to kick some major butt in 2018!!!

So, to get you started kicking, let’s dive right in with your challenge for today!

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10 Minute At-Home Workouts

10 minute workouts man stretching image

Last week, we talked about the life-changing benefits of exercise in an attempt to get you excited about wanting to exercise (that sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, read the article to test it out!)

If we succeeded, then today is the day we lay the foundation for some quick and easy at-home workouts that will get you moving immediately and feeling great!

These routines will be laid out in an easy to understand and ready to use format, perfect for you if you lead a busy lifestyle where time is of the essence.

After this article, you’ll be ready to kick butt 10 minutes a day and feel awesome for it!

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What can we learn from “The Greatest”?

Note: I sent this out as an email to my Inner Circle, but wanted to post it publicly also (with minor edits to make it easier to read and make more sense), so here you go! Enjoy…


You want to be great, right?

A great person – a great friend, son/daughter, parent – and to live a life full of greatness – with great health, happiness, success, etc….

And basically be great in every single part of life that you care about.

And on that path, having an image of greatness to look up to can be pretty inspiring and motivational, sometimes the exact push we need to act, right?

So, today, I want to give you exactly that, by showing you what greatness looked like for, literally, “The Greatest” 😉

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