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Update: New name, new website! Quick update that I have a new name “Coach Ankur” with a new home at!

To celebrate, if you have any burning questions about food, fitness, or mindset let’s solve them all together at my free group coaching call “Ask Ankur”, coming up very soon at 🥳

Thanks! I can’t wait to talk to you soon! -Ankur

Hey, how are you?

Welcome! Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “I feel like all I do is go to work, grab a pizza on the way home, and eat it while watching TV out of pure laziness.”
  • “I’ve just been so focused on work that I’ve really let myself go. Now when I look at myself in the mirror all I see is the fat I’ve put on. And then I wonder how this even happened to me.”
  • “I just want to lose the extra weight and know that I won’t put it all back on like I always do.”

If so, I feel your pain. I’ve heard that so many times and I know how hard it is 🙁 Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like that any longer.

My name’s Ankur Ambastha (pronounced “Encore”) and I help busy, driven people like you look & feel fantastic, no matter how little time you have or how far you are from where you want to be.

After 8 years working with people as a food, fitness, & mindset coach, I know exactly how to get people real, lasting results that they get to enjoy for life.

And I want that for you too.


  • Your daily routine including the right things to naturally and easily burn fat without you having to constantly slave away at it (unlike all those sorry souls who do hours of cardio without losing a single pound, amiright? 😉 )
  • Actually enjoying the foods you eat, knowing that they’re serving you well (instead of killing you slowly haha), and feeling excited to stick to it for lifelong results.
  • Looking forward to workouts where you do things you love, not just to burn calories & fat, but to also build a more capable body that’s confident at the beach or at a triathlon (like Liz), whatever you want to do.

Bold promises, I know, and I want to share it all with you. I know you can do it.

So, are you ready to look and feel fantastic?

If it’s a “heck yeah” then click the button below and I’ll take care of the rest by sending you exactly what you need right now to get the results that you’ve been dreaming of!

Thanks, I can’t wait to get started! I’ll talk to you in a second! 🙂

Here’s to your success,

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Ankur Ambastha