10 Minute At-Home Workouts

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Last week, we talked about the life-changing benefits of exercise in an attempt to get you excited about wanting to exercise (that sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, read the article to test it out!)

If we succeeded, then today is the day we lay the foundation for some quick and easy at-home workouts that will get you moving immediately and feeling great!

These routines will be laid out in an easy to understand and ready to use format, perfect for you if you lead a busy lifestyle where time is of the essence.

After this article, you’ll be ready to kick butt 10 minutes a day and feel awesome for it!

What Difference Can 10 Minutes Make?

Well, 10 minutes can change your life.

Like we’ve gone over before, if you can’t fit in a 60 minute workout 3 to 5 times per week, then that plan is useless for you.

No matter how hard you push, without forming the right habits and making consistent progress, you’ll never reach your goals to get & keep the results you want.

It’s sad, but it’s the harsh reality that we all face.

You need to first work on forming the right habits and making consistent progress if you want to guarantee that you’ll not only reach your goals, but keep the results for a lifetime.

So, that’s exactly what these 10 minute workouts will do: they’ll allow you to form the habit of exercise in only 10 minute chunks!

An extra bonus, is that having a 10 minute workout plan in your toolkit allows you to fall back on it when things get too busy for longer workouts.

Meaning, instead of not exercising at all when life gets busy, you’ll still be able to push for a quick 10 minute workout to keep yourself exercising regularly and feeling great for it!

You can fit in 10 minutes of exercise once you have a plan right? πŸ™‚

I know you can, so…

Let’s Do This!

To keep this simple and ready to use for you and your lifestyle, we’ll go over some basic exercises that will become your go-to exercises, then we’ll see how we can use them using some cool time-efficient workout routines.

So, get ready! Two chunks to go over, then you’re ready to start working hard on your way to your goals & lifelong results!

The Exercises

The key in picking exercises is to make sure that you’re hitting every major part of your body during each 10 minute workout to get the well-rounded workout we’re looking for.

That means you should focus on working your legs, chest, back, and abdominals along with tapping into the smaller muscles like your arms and shoulders.

In keeping things simple, just pick 1 exercise from each category below for every workout you do to make sure you’re working your entire body.

Note that these are only a small subset of the thousands of exercises out there, but are the most common and effective ones to make sure you get the most bang for your buck during your workouts!

Also, feel free to use this as a starting point and keep experimenting and exploring to build routines that you like!

Here’s the list! (Click the name for detailed instructions on how to do each exercise if you need to)


Squats and Lunges


Incline Push-ups: Can also be done leaning into a wall, staircase, or other stable object (stay safe!)

Wide-Stance Pushups: Wide-stance is with hand placement wider  than shoulder width


Romanian Deadlift: Can be done without holding any weight, just hinge towards the ground, keeping the lower back strong and curved, not hunched and hold your arms straight up overhead for an extra challenge!

IYTA Supermen: IYTA refers to the arm angle and body position when you lift into the superman position: arms straight forward in front of you is “I”, arms at an angle in front of you (like in the song YMCA) is a “Y”, arms straight out to the side is “T”, and arms down, next to the hips is an “A”

  • Pull the arms and legs off of the ground as high as possible, pausing for 1 second (or more if you’re crazy like me) at the top for the “I”, then “Y”, then “T”, then “A” to complete 1 repetition!


Advanced Push Up Plank (this is killer, have fun!): Get in a push up position, then (1) pull the knees up to engage the quadriceps/muscles above the knee (aka the front thigh/leg muscles), (2) flex the glute/butt to straighten the hips (to flatten your back and avoid sagging towards the group or having your butt stick up in the air like a teepee ^ πŸ˜› ), then (3) try to shrink or compress/crush the ground below you by imagining that you want to bring your hands and feet together! Do all 3 things at the same time & let’s see who shakes more, me or you πŸ˜‰

Simplified Crunch: Can be done on the ground with the knees bent. Instead of placing your hands on your chest, lay your arms flat on the ground with your fingers pointing towards your feet, then crunch your torso forwards while sliding your fingers towards your heels

Note again that these movements are just a small sample of exercises you can choose to do to get you started. If you know others or want more variety, feel free to change it up or ask me for some more fun/intense ones πŸ˜‰

Once you’ve mastered these, keep exploring and having fun with discovering new exercises also!

The Protocols

 This is where it gets fun.

Today we’ll focus on 3 different ways to use the exercises above to make an awesome workout in less than 10 minutes!

(1 ) Tabata

The Tabata protocol is simple, efficient, and super intense!

All you do is pick 1 exercise, do it non-stop for 20 seconds giving it everything you have, then rest for 10 seconds, and repeat this 30 second cycle anywhere from 2-8 times for the first exercise.

Then pick another exercise and repeat the 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, and repeat 2-8 times.

This protocol can be used to start with shorter, “less intense” workouts, then slowly work your way up.

4 minute example: 2 rounds each (20 secs of work & 10 secs of rest done 2 times) of 4 exercises (squat, incline push-up, Romanian deadlift, and the advanced push up plank) would total 1 minute per exercise and 4 minutes total! That’s it :O

16 minute example: 8 rounds each (20s work & 10s rest, done 8 times) of 4 exercises would total 4 minutes per exercise and 16 minutes total.

To make it easy for you to try this out right now, here are premade timers with the exact exercises already programmed in for both of the examples above.

Just click the workout you want to do, hit the play button at the bottom right, and go!

This method is extremely convenient because you can just pick whatever exercises you want to do, then do the first as many times as you want, then move on to the rest.

Ultra simple and doesn’t look that scary on paper, huh? Try it out & then let me know how it went haha πŸ˜‰

You can start with 4 minutes, then try 10 minutes, and keep going until 16 minutes+ if you can take it! πŸ˜‰

(2) AMRAPs (As Many Rounds As Possible)

This protocol is even simpler than Tabata’s and packs a huge punch!

To prepare: pick the exercises you want to do (between 3-10 exercises is a good range) then pick a number of repetitions to do for each exercise (8 to 20 reps is a good range & vary the rep-range each workout to keep it new and exciting!).

Then pick a total workout time, set a timer, and blow through as many rounds of the exercises as you can!

10-minute AMRAP example: 12 repetitions of lunges, then wide-stance push-ups, then IYTA supermen, and the simplified crunch performed back to back for as many rounds as you can!

If you finished each exercise twice, you finished 2 rounds!

You can start with a 5 minute AMRAP, then progress to 10 minutes and more.

Here are some timers to get you working out right now!

Each time you do an AMRAP for the same time as you have before, try to beat the amount of rounds you do!

That will make sure you never do the same workout twice and that you are making progress every single workout!

(3) Circuits

A timed version of an AMRAP to forget about counting reps and just work out hard!

This one is similar to an AMRAP, but instead of counting repetitions, you just do an exercise for time, anywhere from 20 seconds to 90-120 seconds, then move on to the next exercise, and repeat!

Once you finish every exercise once, circle back to the first exercise to do every exercise again, for as many rounds as you want (at least more than 0 rounds please haha πŸ˜‰ )!

This routine is infinitely customizable & can evolve to fit your needs at any stage!

Beginning easy-ish example: You can start with just 1 round of 4 exercises, done for 45 seconds each. Total time with rest: a whopping 4.5 minutes!

Harder example: 1 round of 4 exercises for 90 seconds each.  Total time with rest: 8 minutes!

“Burns so good” example: 1 round of 4 exercises for 60 seconds, then another round for 45 seconds, then a 3rd round for 30 seconds. Total time with rest: 14 minutes (only, but you’ll be TIRED!)

Play around with the timing you use for each round, mix and match, and have fun!

Here are some sample timers to get you going!

Game On!

Now that you have an arsenal full of basic exercises that are both fun and productive, along with 3 different protocols you can use to challenge yourself for anywhere from 4 minutes to 45 minutes or more, it’s time for you to have some fun!

Using the 8 exercises above and 3 different workout protocols, you can get a time-efficient workout whenever you want!

If you haven’t been able to exercise regularly in the past:

I challenge you to take anywhere from 4 to 10 minutes out of your day to push yourself and work towards your goals.

4 to 10 minutes for now, that’s it, so get started today and start making exercise fun and easy while working towards greater health & fitness!

I want to cheer you on also & hear all about how your workouts go, so join my Inner Circle below,Β then hit reply & send me a note saying you’re taking the challenge! (I’ll also send you more cool stuff too, perks of joining πŸ˜‰ )

Here’s to your health & happiness,

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Ankur Ambastha

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I’m here to make your journey towards greater health and happiness easy and pain-free, so take an extra minute to send me your thoughts!