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A few weeks ago, we dug into the real power of exercise and how exercise can allow you to live your dream life and live it to the fullest.

The week after, we laid a road-map of 10 minute at-home workouts to get you started.

This week, we are taking on another seemingly impossible task: to show you the true potential of what eating healthy can do for you and why you should eat healthy.

But, as usual, this article isn’t going to repeat all the things that you have heard already…

How eating healthy can reduce your risk for stroke, cancer, heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, reduce blood cholesterol levels, control your weight, improve your mood, and a ton more.

Don’t get me wrong, those are huge benefits and proper nutrition really is one of the most powerful things you can do to reach your optimal health…

But you have already heard of these benefits and if you don’t already eat healthy, then they weren’t enough to convince you to start.

Today, we will take a unique approach in showing you some tangible benefits of eating healthy, along with how to make the process fun, in an attempt to show you how much it can truly impact your life.

Are you ready to find out how satisfying, fun, and transformational eating healthy can be for you?

Let’s go!

Enjoy Eating More

Every aspect of eating, from the amount of food to the types of food you eat, can be more enjoyable.

First, since I know you are all thinking it: eating healthy can allow you to eat more.

Healthy foods tend to be much more nutritionally dense; meaning they pack more good nutrients in fewer calories.

So, by eating more nutritionally dense and lower calorie healthy foods, you can eat larger amounts of food.

AND, these foods can be just as tasty, if not more delicious, than unhealthy alternatives.

This is where your uniqueness comes in.

You are a unique individual with your own preferences and taste buds.

Eating healthy and cooking food yourself means that you have hundreds of healthy ingredients you can experiment with to make thousands of different meals, made specially for you.

No more one size fits all fast-food meals; you can cook your own premium, 100% customized for you, healthy meals…and you will never run out of new combinations to try.

That might sound appealing, but also time consuming.

When most people say something is time consuming, it is because the task is perceived as boring, pointless, and you would rather do something else.

Cooking doesn’t need to take a long time, provides you with delicious food that will keep you healthy, and can be fun.

Invite some friends over for a dinner party where you all bring ingredients and cook together.

Cook with your significant other and take the time to catch up and bond with each other, strengthening your relationship while investing in each other’s health.

Put on some of your favorite music and take the time to de-stress and unwind while cooking a meal that you enjoy.

By combining cooking with socialization, bonding with your significant other, and time for yourself to relax, cooking can become an extremely fun and rewarding experience.

Enjoy Feeling Better

Ever had indigestion, heart burn, an upset stomach or any other uncomfortable result of eating food that just didn’t jive with you?

Or how about that weighed down feeling and getting bloated when a meal puts up a fight while being digested?

Even worse, how about the feeling of grease and fat coating your insides, like food clogging your arteries while you are eating it?

If you have never felt any of these, you are lucky, but…

By eating healthy and choosing what you put into your body, you can choose to end the constant struggle your body goes through after meals don’t sit well.

Say goodbye to the discomfort of your body struggling to digest certain foods and welcome in foods that flow through and fuel your body effortlessly.

This last benefit of feeling better is well-known, but bears reminding.

When you are properly fueled with the foods that work best for you, you will also feel light, energetic, and your body will feel good, plain and simple.

Enjoy Looking Better

This one goes deeper than just weight control and body fat management.

Eating healthy makes you look better from the inside out.

You always hear it, “You are what you eat” and the benefits of eating healthy can not be understated.

Healthy food will allow you to look good physically, through weight control, less acne, glowing and tight skin, clear eyes, an everlasting youthful face, and more.

When someone looks at you, he or she will immediately be overcome by your inhumanly high level of health and have to ask you what your secret is.

Less immediately appealing, but still just as important:

Your insides will be more healthy.

This is where the diseases are fought off, your organs are allowed to function well, your arteries don’t worry about getting clogged, and you don’t need to worry about anything limiting the full, happy, and healthy life ahead of you.

With all of that, imagine what your life could be like…

Enjoy Mental Satisfaction

Your brain will be clear and your mind will be satisfied.

Your brain functioning can be directly improved by eating certain foods.

Eating healthy can allow your brain to operate at the highest level, which will therefore increase your productivity, can lift the haze and mental fog that keeps you feeling down, and even increase your mood.

Imagine having complete mental clarity, super-human productivity, and an eternal good mood.

Maybe the greatest benefit of them all: you will have the mental satisfaction that you have conquered one of the most difficult challenges that faces us all today.

Most people are in a constant battle with eating healthy and reaping all of the benefits we just talked about, but all you need to do is start your path today and you can look back one day and know that you accomplished it.

Conquering one of life’s most difficult challenges and being rewarded with a happy, healthy, and long life can give you immense satisfaction.

Enjoy Saving Money

Both directly and indirectly, you can save extra money.

Directly, in the food that you spend money on, you can cut your food bill drastically.

A quick experiment to see how much you can save: look at what you currently buy to eat throughout the week, total it all up, then go to a grocery store to look at some foods that appeal to you.

That $5 burger can be made at home, from fresh ingredients, for at least half the price.

That $10-15 entree could have been made at home for at least a quarter to half the price.

You can eat better food and spend less money on it too.

One last overlooked area is in relation to long-term health related expenses.

You have probably already heard about the price you pay for being unhealthy, but have you looked at the actual statistics?

Totaling up extra costs from medical expenses, lost wages, productivity, sick leave, insurance premiums, the cost of an earlier death, and more can be astounding.

The price of being unhealthy can be $8,365 per year for women and $6,518 per year for men, according to Medifast California.

Click here to view the numbers for yourself on a Medifast California infographic.

What would you do with an extra $8,365 per year and optimal health along with it?

This Is Your Time

Hopefully by now you see that eating healthy can be fun, relaxing, a socially awesome experience, and give you life benefits that we all wish for, but never go after.

Well, this is your chance to finally conquer them and experience what eating healthy can do for you.

Don’t hesitate to finally commit yourself to eating healthy.

Your friends, family, loved ones, children, future grandchildren, and onwards will thank you for investing in yourself, your health, and positively impacting those around you because of it.

Conquer This Challenge!

Let’s start simple, easy, and with a ton of fun:

Find someone who currently cooks and eats healthy, or wants to, and cook with him/her.

This could be a friend, significant other, or even a group of people.

Invite them all over, or join them in their kitchen, for the experience that will change your life.

Make that call, send that text message, and take action NOW to start enjoying what healthy eating and life has to offer.

P.S. Spoiler alert: next week we will go in depth about how to formulate a plan to eating healthier, with minimal effort, stress, and time.

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7 thoughts on “Why You Should Eat Healthy”

  1. I really enjoyed your article on eating healthy. You brought up many interesting points that aren’t commonly mentioned when motivating people to eat healthy. The point that really stuck with me was saving money.

    I currently eat healthy and this was one of my biggest influencing factors. Like you said, many people do not realize the high costs of eating unhealthy. I work almost 50 hours a week and I used to buy my lunch almost every day, plus a cup of coffee to make it through the day. My meal cost around $9 and my coffee was around $4. $13 a day, five times a week, began to add up VERY quickly.

    One day I questioned why I was paying $9 for an unhealthy and mediocre meal, when that $9 could buy me a lot more food at a grocery store. This is when I decided to start meal prepping and eating healthy alternatives. You are also very correct in saying that healthy eating doesn’t have to be time consuming. Many people don’t realize how simple making a healthy meal can be, and how much money it can save you. For example, I like to prepare my lunches every Sunday for the following M-F work week. The possibilities of healthy and quick meals are endless.

    I am looking forward to your article next week and hope you will give examples of healthy meals that individuals can cook in a short amount of time!

    1. Mark, you are AWESOME!

      I am glad you liked the points I brought up and am extremely happy that you have found one that made a difference in your life.

      Keep up your meal preparation, saving tons of money by buying groceries, and feeling happy and healthy for it!

      Thank you for your comment and story, Mark!

      Be sure to join the Inner Circle to get the next article emailed directly to you! You will love the next few nutrition-related articles 🙂

      To Health and Happiness,


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