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If you’re over-worked, over-stressed, and “under-healthed”, you’ve come to the right place haha 😛

Welcome! My name’s Ankur Ambastha (pronounced “Encore”) and I’m a Food, Fitness, & Mindset Coach.

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^^ That’s me, hello! 🙂

I’ve been coaching busy, driven people for 8 years to conveniently eat healthier, move more (in fun ways) to look & feel fantastic, and manage work+life & mindset to fully enjoy life.

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This list was last updated January 21, 2020

Featured Article! (This is my favorite!)

Liz Is Invincible, And Needs Our Help!

Most Fun Articles (& Thought-Provoking 😉 )

How To Crush Your Goals In 2020

What To Do To Get Healthy The Simple Way

Video inside: How To Confront Your Health Barriers & Get What You Want

When Eating Out ISN’T Convenient Or Even Good Tasting

What can we learn from “The Greatest”?


Eating Healthy Without Sacrificing Convenience

[Part 1/4] Why You Should Eat Healthy

[Part 2/4] Identifying Your Eating Persona

[Part 3/4] Analyze Your Eating Persona

[Part 4/4] Evolve Your Eating Persona

5 Minute Meals


How To Live Your Dream Life Through Exercise

10 Minute At-Home Workouts
(^Includes premade timers so you can hit play & workout immediately!)

Exercising With A Lack Of Time

How To Stick To Your Workout Plan


3 Keys To Decreased Stress

Building Success Into Every Step

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