Identifying Your Eating Persona (Using A Dead Easy & Convenient Food Log)

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Last week we talked about how eating healthy can be fun, social, and relaxing while having a huge impact on your health.

After reading that article, I hope you felt the urge to experience what eating healthy has to offer you and that you’re ready to get started, because:

Today we’re taking the first step towards eating more healthy, with the least inconvenience and stress possible!

AND don’t worry, I’m not going to throw a huge list of banned and approved foods at you either, then tell you to just follow the lists…

I see that way too often on the Internet and with so many nutrition coaches, but trying to change eating habits that way rarely works, if ever (which is partly why so many of my clients come to me frustrated with food).

If you’re reading this article right now though, chances are you know that there has to be a better way, and I hope my way can be the one for you!

So, let’s get started with a powerful process that can get you eating healthier with ease, once and for all, by taking an extra simple step together, right now!

Let’s Log It

The first step towards any goal is figuring out where you are right now compared to where you want to be.

And that step is extremely helpful when it comes to food, considering how complicated eating healthy can feel at times.

So, to keep things as simple as possible, grab either a small pocket notebook, piece of paper, or open up a note on your cell phone, right now.

This is what we’ll use to keep track of what you eat for the next week, so make sure you have what you need ready to go before reading on, because we’re going to set it up next.

Ready? Awesome, here we go!

The categories on your log will be simple: day, time, food, and a note.

Most of the categories are straightforward:

➤ The day will be Saturday, Sunday, etc., broken down by the time you ate your meal.

➤ For food, you can write down anything that’ll remind you what the meal was. Ex:”BLT sandwich from XYZ restaurant” or “Marinara meat pasta from ABC restaurant.”

Don’t worry about logging calories or other nitty gritty details either, unless you really want to.

Logging main dishes and ingredients of the meal (what type of bread, any sauces, meats, etc.) is usually enough for most people to get started.

➤ The note section is where things get fun!

Note is where you write down 2 numbers (both on a scale of 1-10) and 2 words:

⇢ The first number is how hungry you were right before eating the meal: 1 is not hungry at all and 10 is very hungry/starving

⇢ The second number is how full you were after eating the meal: 1 is not full at all/still starving and 10 is uncomfortably full/about to explode 😛

⇢ The first word is what you thought of the meal, like: tasty, disgusting, meh, light, heavy, etc.

⇢ And the second word is how you felt a little while after or a few hours after eating the meal, like: energetic, tired, bloated, weighed-down, great, etc.

Example entries in your log could be:

Saturday, 1 pm, BLT sandwich from XYZ, Note: 8 hunger, 6 full, tasty, energetic.

Saturday, 6 pm, Marinara meat pasta from ABC, Note: 10 hunger, 10 full, tasty/heavy, bloated.

Recap: day, time, food, and note (hunger, fullness, how was the meal, and how did you feel after)!

Got it? Perfect, now write down a sample entry or directions of what you want to log into your brand new, ultra simple food log!

Now, Start Logging!!!

That’s the first step!

It couldn’t be more simple, right?!

It’s convenient since you’ll have it with you when you need it and it’ll give you extremely useful information to use during your painless journey to eating healthy.

Next week, we’ll analyze your log together and start making small tweaks that are convenient, but will make a huge impact on your health.

But, it all starts with creating your food log now so we can start making the biggest-bang-for-your-buck tweaks next week!

So stick to it this week and make sure to not come empty handed next week 😉

And I’ll talk to you soon to pull some awesome and actionable insight out of your food log!

Here’s to your health and happiness,

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Ankur Ambastha

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