How To Crush Your Goals In 2020

Note: this was originally an Inner Circle email, but I reposted it here (with an added intro) so you don’t miss out on making 2020 your most successful year yet!

Think about this for a second…how many times have you set goals in the past, or set New Year’s Resolutions, and failed to actually achieve them?

It sucks doesn’t it? And you’ve already heard all the statistics before, including that less than 1 in 10 people feel that they were successful in achieving their resolutions (

But, that doesn’t have to include you this year.

You don’t have to waste another 365 days, repeating past failed years & feeling even worse by the end of 2020.

You can succeed this year, I believe in you.

If you start the year off right, you can be blown away by the progress you make this year.

And to help get you started on the right foot, take my quick 5 minute challenge to make sure your goals are powerful enough and that you’re ready to make 2020 the year that you take control of your days, and habits, once and for all.

Ready? Awesome, let’s do this…

Happy New Year!

This’ll be a very quick email to get you ready to crush your goals in 2020!

But first, HELLO!

You know I had to send you a quick nature pic haha! That’s me saying hi ๐Ÿ˜›

I hope you had a fantastic 2019 and are ready to kick some major butt in 2020!!!

So, to get you started kicking, let’s dive right in with your challenge for today!

To make your goals as strong as they can be, I want you to ask yourself:

Does my goal mean enough to me, that I will still want to work towards it in 2 weeks when my motivation sags?

It’s awesome to take on new goals (at any time during the year, not just new years), but I want to make sure you succeed in accomplishing your goals, so run them through this quick test!

Take 5 minutes to think through these questions to dramatically boost the likelihood that you’ll crush your goal (if your goal makes the cut that is, mwahahaha):

  • Why do I want to accomplish this goal?
  • What does it really mean to me? How will it change my life for the better?
  • How will my life suffer if I don’t take care of this now???? *dun dun dun*
  • When the going gets tough…am I willing to work hard for it?
  • And, my all time favorite…

Does the pain of me staying the same outweigh the pain of change?

To see why this is so important, run these 2 people’s goals through the questions and think about which goal is way more likely to succeed:

  1. A guy named Sam who wants to lose the extra 15 pounds he’s put on over the last few years to look better (but Sam’s fine with his current shape and his wife Gloria tells him she doesn’t mind either…or so she says haha, jk ๐Ÿ˜› )
  2. The same Sam, but he got a promotion at work (congrats Sam, you deserve it!), which brought a ton of extra stress, late nights, & endless work donuts & coffee with extra extra creamer, and now he has put on another 50 pounds. He doesn’t like what he sees anymore, he can feel the extra weight hanging around, and walking up stairs feel like death (plus Gloria…jk, let’s not go there, this already feels too intense and I wish I could help him :'( )

I think you see the point though ๐Ÿ˜› And that’s without even mentioning what his Doctor said :O

Moral of the story is that we all have goals we want to accomplish and ways we want to improve our lives, but you can see how your thoughts, feelings, current situation, etc. make a big difference on how likely you are to follow through.

Above a certain level and you’re on your way, below, and your odds might get dicey. That’s just straight un-sugar-coated reality, sorry Sam.

And if you don’t have a “life or death” goal that you want, no sweat, maybe it’s not the right time yet (though I’d still recommend constantly working to improve yourself of course! Good luck!)

But, if your goal passed the test, then congrats! You have a goal that you’re willing to put real effort behind because it will drastically improve your life! *high five*!

Now, here’s 1 way to make it easier to crush your goals (of many, hit reply join my Inner Circle below if you want more!):

  1. Break your big goal down into small AND actionable pieces
  2. Make it a priority by scheduling the actions onto your calendar
    • Schedule in time to cook meals at home or workout
  3. Then do it!

#3 is easier said than done of course, and depending on your goal, it could be a long and emotional road ahead, but I’m here for you & it’ll all be worth it in the end! ๐Ÿ™‚


What are your goals this year?

Like a kid in the kitchen telling his Mom he wants to help cook…

“I wanna help! Please please please! Let me help!”

So, hit reply join my Inner Circle and send me your goal right now so I can cheer you on!

Yayyyy, woooo, you go! ๐Ÿ™‚

Talk to you soon!

Here’s to your success,

Ankur Ambastha

P.S. Still reading? Wow, you are thorough, great work!

Now hit reply join my Inner Circle and share your goals with me and I’ll share mine with you! (Well, maybe just the big ones (I have A LOT), which includes something about the Inner Circle :O )

I’ll talk to you in a second on the inside!

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