How To Confront Your Health Barriers & Get What You Want [Video]

Note: This is an email (and video below) that I sent to members of my Inner Circle for a challenge of the week. I’m posting it publicly here so it has a chance to challenge & impact you also (and so you can get a teaser about the fun stuff I send weekly to my Inner Circle).

BUT, it’s not what you want to hear, it’s what you need to hear.

My Inner Circle is full of highly motivated people who are constantly challenging themselves and working to improve their lives, so I know they were ready for it.

Are you ready to confront your health barriers and get what you want also?

If you’re ready to finally leap-frog over your health barriers just like them, then here we go…

We need to talk (you might want to sit down for this).

Ever since we started this relationship, there’s been an elephant in the room.

That looks like a pretty cool elephant…we owe it to him to address this.

That’s because my 1 and only mission in being a part of your life (aside from the pleasure of sending you these sometimes wacky emails) is to dramatically improve your health.

Seriously, I’m talking about making sure that nothing stands in your way of accomplishing your health goals.

Losing weight, gaining muscle, building a kick-butt healthy lifestyle (that doesn’t require you to slave over it), living your life fully with health at your side, and so much more.

We can accomplish all of that and so much more together.

But how?

I just send you some random tips & tricks, you use them, and BOOM…you’re living your dream life.

Healthy, happy, and loving every moment!

No more goals that are a constant “work in progress” and no more frustration trying to get your health in check, right?

Oh boy, if only it were that simple.

And this brings me to the 1 thing that we’ve been avoiding this whole time, because it’s uncomfortable, for you to do and for me to ask you to do.

But, I don’t want to hold you back from reaching your full potential any longer.

I owe it to you as a loyal member of my Inner Circle, to not hold anything back, and give you exactly what you need to accomplish your goals.

So, that’s what we’re doing today.

We’re going to rip the blindfold off and do what needs to be done for you to master your health, body, and mind.

Here, we go (get ready for an unusually wild ride compared to our usual emails)!


Quick warning first: this will be uncomfortable.

It will challenge you to confront your barriers head on and force you to grow, if you are ready for it.

We’ve all heard that by going through the fire, we are made stronger. Well, today we’re jumping into the fire, together.

And that fire, is your mind.

I know that sounds strange, but don’t worry, we aren’t going full hippie today. We’re going just enough to finally get in touch with and acknowledge your mental state of things.


Because, what has been holding you back from building the health & life of your dreams?

Is it someone who has been force feeding you donuts for the past 10 years?

Have you been banned from every gym in the entire world?

Or, maybe you’re allergic to all forms of physical activity so all you can do is watch TV for 3 hours a day (actually, this isn’t too far off from the truth about how we spend our free time, click here to see a pie chart of our leisure time activities).

Those all probably sound like crazy external barriers (that you probably don’t have, but hey, I could be wrong haha) and goes to show that what’s holding you back might just be in your mind.

That’s why it’s time for us to check in on what’s going on in your head!

It’s something 99% of people don’t do, and maybe even some of you reading this right now, but it could be the key that’s been holding you back.

If you want to confront what’s holding you back and finally get ahead with your health, this is your chance.

Side note: I know this is strange for a random “fitness guy” to talk about, so I hope you see why I’m doing it and how powerful it can be for you. Trust me, this can change your entire mindset about health for the better if you give it a chance.

And, as an added bonus to you: if you’re successful in going through my (extremely simple and easy to follow) 10 minute challenge below, I’ll have a reward for you next week.

I am soooooooo excited about the reward, that I had to hold myself back from spilling the beans and giving it to you today.

It’s free, it will bring you clarity about your health barriers (even more than today), and will propel you forward immediately!

So, conquer the challenge today by digging deep, dwell in the discomfort, and grow beyond belief.

I believe in you and know you can do it. You’re ready for this, so no more holding back, let’s do this.

Spend 10 minutes watching this video and transform your mindset right now.

Simple and easy to follow system to start realizing your most inspiring health goals and conquering mental/emotional barriers along your path.

Remember, take a strong step forward this week and I’ll be back to reward you for your hard work next week!

Good luck and have fun with it!

To Your Health & Happiness,


P.S. What insights did you uncover? Did any questions come up that you want answered?

Share your insights in the comments below or send me an email with your thoughts so I can help guide you even deeper into this process.

Then, we’ll have even more fun next week when you get your reward!

If you want to get your awesome reward also (and weekly guidance to crush your goals that I don’t release publicly), join my highly motivated Inner Circle below!

I’ll talk to you on the inside.

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