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Today, we start you on a new and exciting journey to eating healthy.

With your food log in hand, as laid out in “Identifying Your Eating Persona”, let’s get you feeling better, by eating better.

But don’t worry, we aren’t going to enforce rules and banned foods.

Instead, we are going to analyze your food log using 3 tools that will get you eating better…without worrying about the nitty-gritty of nutrition.

The power of this system is in applying tools to your current eating habits to create small, but profound, changes that will allow you to use food as a tool to feel good.

Start making progress towards a healthier you by using these tools today.

The Tools

These tools are used to directly analyze your food log.

You may have noticed that the food log you took had some uncommon notes in it; specifically, the food log included 2 numbers and 2 adjectives.

It’s time to pull some amazing insight from those 2 numbers and 2 adjectives that will directly serve to make you feel better.

Plain and simple: these tools will identify the foods, meals, and eating patterns that make you feel awesome.

Tool #1: Balancing Hunger & Fullness

The numbers you logged were on a scale of 1 to 10 of how hungry you were right before eating your meals and how full you were right after eating the meal.

A level 10 hunger meant that you were starving, willing to eat anything, and also more likely to overeat.

A level 10 fullness meant that you overate, felt uncomfortably full, and probably didn’t feel too great a few hours later.

Your first tool is in balancing your hunger and fullness levels in mid-range moderation.

Go through your week of data and identify meals when you hit level 10 hunger.

➤ What days and times do you commonly hit that level?
➤ What did you eat?
➤ How full did you get after?
➤ How did you enjoy the meal?
➤ How did your body feel soon after?

By analyzing your log and identifying when you are most likely to be starved, you can avoid many of the negatives you logged and felt after corresponding meals.

Depending on your situation, you can easily eat a snack, make sure you eat a hearty breakfast, or have healthier meal options ready to eat when starvation is around the corner.

If you need convenient foods that are also healthy, here’s your solution.

Keeping your hunger and fullness levels topped off between levels 5 and 8 will avoid desperation for food once starvation hits, overeating on unhealthy convenience foods, and the negative adjectives which come after meals like that.

Better yet, keeping your levels mid-range (5-8) will keep your body happily fueled throughout the day, reaching for healthy food options thanks to a clear mind void of starvation, and free of discomfort after a meal that doesn’t sit well.

There are tons more benefits to be had, as I am sure you will soon start to feel first-hand, so analyze your numbers and outsmart starvation!

Tool #2: Satisfaction From Health

This tool can be the key to your happiness with healthy food.

It’s all about analyzing your log for the meals that you enjoyed most, then making the healthy ones your go-to meals.

That’s it. Find healthy meals you enjoy…then eat them.

By finding healthy meals that you enjoy eating, you have already set yourself up for success, since the goal is to eat healthy, but also enjoy eating.

On the flip side, you can also use meals that you enjoy, but aren’t healthy, as a treat once a week for a job well done for eating more healthy overall.

If you have two favorite meals, 1 healthy and 1 unhealthy, by relying on the healthy one as often as you can, you have just boosted your health tremendously without sacrificing your own nutritional satisfaction.

To build your favorites, keep exploring new foods and meals to find healthy options that keep you and your taste buds satisfied.

Tool #3: Avoiding Discomfort

This tool will rid yourself of post-meal discomfort.

Deceivingly simple, but infinitely powerful: avoid meals that make your body feel bad.

Go through your log and find the meals that made your body feel “negative adjective here” then avoid those meals in the future.

This tool can weed out the meals that don’t do your body justice and keep your body feeling good more often.

GO! Analyze Your Eating Persona

With these 3 tools in hand, your body will start to feel better and your meal choices will be directly guided by what works best for you.

Nutrition can get enormously complicated, but now you have 3 tools to simplify your path.

Use these tools and start building a path to healthy eating.

You can easily start feeling better, eating better, and thanking yourself for it, but it all starts with identifying your eating persona then analyzing it.

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