3 Keys To Decreased Stress

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Stress can sometimes feel like an unstoppable force of chaos.

It has the power to make us feel overwhelmed, constantly on edge, and ruin entire days, weeks, and years.

But, only if we let it.

You have more control than you think and even small changes and shifts in your mindset can make you the master of stress.

One such change is utilizing the power of exercise, specifically how exercise can literally alter your brain to make you more resilient to stress and anxiety (posted on Facebook & Google+).

Your time and energy invested in making exercise a habit will do more than just decrease stress, so be sure to focus on mastering exercise.

However, even after exercise, there are still hundreds of stress-reducing techniques out there that have the potential to help us out in times of need.

Below we will discuss 3 of the most convenient, fun, and beneficial strategies that you can use daily to conquer stress.

They all have tremendous power to melt your stress away, but only if you commit to using them, so take notes and make them a part of your life starting today!


You Deserve To Relax

Taking Time For Yourself To Tame Stress

This one is definitely under-appreciated and under-utilized, but I know you are ready to experience its power.

In moments of high stress, when you feel like giving up on something overwhelming, take a moment to breathe and relax.

Go into a relaxing environment if you can, or just close your eyes, turn all electronics off (phones, TV, laptops, etc.), and take a moment to enjoy peace and quiet.

Just the act of taking even 1 minute to slow down and enjoy silence and peace can do wonders to calm your nerves and breathe easy during tough times.

So, set a timer for 1 minute to start with, and give yourself a break.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply, inhale for a few counts, then exhale slowly for a few counts, slowing your breathing down throughout the minute.

Try that for a minute or more and tell me you don’t feel more relaxed and calm!

If shutting out the world and breathing deeply scares you, then the quiet place might be for you.

In the quiet place (no capital letters, it’s that calm), you will be able to stay on your computer, but still relieve yourself of the nonstop stress you are constantly fighting against.

Once you find out how much you enjoy taking a minute to yourself and the calmness that you experience from it, use it anytime you feel on edge, for as many minutes as needed.

You will thank yourself 1 minute later, so try it now:

Timer, 1 minute, eyes closed, breath…


Let's Get Social

Socializing Your Way To Lower Stress

This one is extremely powerful and also tons of fun.

Who doesn’t like to socialize?

Be it with close friends, colleagues, or loved ones, socialization can be the key to relieving your stress.

Unfortunately, when things get really busy, we tend to cut down on it, looking at it as a luxury, and instead find ourselves stuck at home, sitting alone, and swimming in stress.

However, socialization as simple as just talking to a close friend or partner by getting a meal, exercising with him/her, or even calling him/her for a few minutes, does some amazing things to your body and mind:

  • It releases oxytocin which decreases anxiety levels, makes you feel more confident in your ability to cope with stressors, and even tells your body to reach out to others for support.
  • It allows you to focus your energy outward, instead of inward focusing on your own stress and suffering.
  • It gives you the support you need during hard times.
  • Most profoundly, it can increase your mood and strengthen your sense that life has a meaning and purpose.

Sounds pretty amazing for something as simple as talking to another person, huh?

For more information and some extras, read this article written by 3 Ph.D.’s.

So, make a promise to yourself that you will use socialization as an investment in your own sanity and happiness.

When things get tough, remember that connecting with another person can be the key to immediately relieving your stress.


Laugh Away Your Stress

Melting Your Stress Away With Laughter

Alright, now this one sounds too good to be true, right?

You ask, “How can something as simple as laughing really make an impact on my stress levels?”

It is so simple, easy to do, and readily accessible that it can’t have a major impact on your stress…or can it?

We have all felt the power of laughter, but often don’t realize how much of an impact it can really make on the quality of our lives’.

Laughter indeed has hundreds of benefits including lowering stress hormones, improving your mood, and even strengthening relationships.

A few more amazing benefits include:

  • Relieving physical tension and stress, relaxing your muscles for up to 45 minutes
  • Releasing endorphins to make you feel good and promote the overall sense of well-being
  • Boosting your energy levels and adding zest to life
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Protecting your heart by increasing  blood flow and improving blood vessel functioning which protects against heart attacks & other cardiovascular problems

If you want more benefits and easy ways to start laughing your way to greater health, read this quick and thorough article on Help Guide now.

Laughter can be the key to you enjoying life more, so invest in yourself and start incorporating some laughter into your day!

Watch a funny video online of stand up comedy, a panda sneezing, or just go find your funny friend, but do it regularly to enjoy some amazing benefits.

Speaking of sneezing pandas, to get you started let’s watch this video together (make sure your sound is on, but not too loud):


Don’t you feel the power of laughter already!?

Be sure to take advantage of it while having the time of your life!

Your Turn To Decrease Your Stress

That’s it, 3 extremely simple and easy ways to decrease your stress:

Taking time for yourself, socialization, and laughter.

Couldn’t be any easier right?

The real challenge is taking advantage of these and implementing them into your life.

Remind yourself of them often by writing them down, adding them to your calendar, adding notifications on your phone, or however works best for you…

…but make sure that you take advantage of these 3 powerful techniques to improve your life.

Don’t let them just become 3 more tools in your toolbox that you never use.

Make them a part of your life today so you can live a more relaxed and stress-free life.

P.S. Are you starting to master exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle and feeling more healthy and happy for it? That’s what this blog and these articles exist for, so congratulations and be sure to keep pushing to higher levels!

But, if you are having a tough time, even with something that seems like a small issue, and it is preventing you from living the life you desire, contact me now so we can shortcut your success and accomplish your goals once and for all.

I look forward to hearing your story.

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